A. Barron Breland

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thanks for the sax!
Your page is very beautiful, I am looking forward to the updates. Thank You, a fan
Welcome to the River City Mixed Chorus!! -- Steven
great site! Miss you, Your friend, M
Dear Barron-- Thought I'd look you up through Creighton. Very cool personal site and nice pic-- looks just like you! So glad to see you're active! I'm adjunct at Vincennes University, voice, intro to theory, opera workshop, music appreciation-- would love to swop stories with you-- see what materials you use in your appreciation and theory classes! Talk soon? My best and have a great summer, Matthew
Hey, Barron. I enjoyed reading all about what you've been up to. Sounds like things are going well.
Looking forward to working with you in my new position with the Creighton College of Arts & Sciences. (I Googled you...) See you tomorrow!
Hi, friend! You made me proud as your big sister. :) Keep on making beautiful music!
Hi Barron! It's a blast from your past back in the UGA days. I'm so glad to see things going so well for you! Congratulations on the beginning of a great career in conducting. I look forward to working with you again sometime in the future. All the best to you! Peace, ~Phillip
Hello! Michelle is home for a few days and she left this page up on my computer. I am so excited about all your accomplishments and look forward to being in one of your audiences in the future. Best wishes.
I echo the intelligent Mr. Malek. Hope all is well! :) Kateri
I am very excited you are coming to work with us at Creighton, we all look forward to singing with you soon! Congratualations!
Dr. Breland- Congratulations on your website. Thanks for your outstanding pedagogy, mentorship, and friendship through the years. Feeeiron, Mike Malek
Congratulations on everything thus far. Finish that dissertation!
I'm so proud of you, maestro.
Barron, My name is Adam Gilbert my dad told me about you and you have inspired me to pursue music once i go on to college. You worked for my dad for a summer at Graham packaging in Atlanta thats how i found out about you. But my real goal is to make it to broadway so if you have any tips or connections that would be great.
Hey Barron! I didn't know you had such a nice website...or a website at all for that matter. It's very impressive and I know you'll do very well to add to your accomplishments. Have fun with USingers!
Hi Barron, I haven't seen you since you were a little boy. I am so impressed! My condolence on the death of Boots Randolph. Your Albertville Connection
Happy Birthday Barron!! Long time no see, stranger. Your mother is staying with us this weekend and told me about your website. It looks GREAT! Hope to see you at Thanksgiving! Love ya!
Barron, Happy Birthday. I sent a card, but know that it will be late because I didn't have your address, but wanted you to know I remembered it was your birthday. I hope you have a great one. I love you very much.
I am a friend and old school mate of your parents. Your mom sent me your website link today. Great site! I'm looking forward to hearing more of your work. Good luck on your journey.
Barron, I am so proud of you. Congratulations on your orals. I have been praying for you. I know it was difficult to remember the deaths of your friends. I love you. Aunt Betty
Hey Barron. You're website looks good. I listened to one of your songs and it sounded great! Can't wait for you to come back to Alabama and visit!
Barron, I am so proud of you. Enjoyed reading the article your Mom had last week-end. I can't wait to see what great plans, God has for your life. I love you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
March 26, 2007 Barron, I'm the 2nd soprano in The Bach Chorale who made the presentation to you Saturday night. I've been in the group since 1971, and participating in the Voices of Light project was certainly a peak experience. You brought us so many precious gifts: joy, laughter, healing, openness, spontaneity, new musical horizons, and outstanding musicianship. I've received lots of calls and messages from audience members who were blown away by the power of the performance. Whatever one's background/beliefs, the emotional intensity of the film and score made an emormous and unforgettable impact. You stole our hearts with your extraordinary talent and charisma, and I'll follow your career with great interest.
Hey Barron, I don't know if you remember me, I worked with your FANTASTIC Mom for a few years in Atlanta. WoW! What a great website and it's no wonder that she's so proud! Quick question that comes to mind every AI season - have you ever given any thought to trying out for American Idol? Congratulations and good luck in the future... someday I will be saying "I know that kid"!!! Let your Mom know if you're ever in Southern California, I would enjoy watching you perform.
Hey, Barron! You never know what you'll find when you go snooping on the net. Love your website! I'm so proud of you!
This is a lovely website! It shows you off very well! May it bring you lots of job offers! :)
I love your web site! We are VERY PROUD OF YOU!!!! LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!
Hey man great looking webpage. After you finish you need to come to the beach for a couple of days and see us. You are always welcome to come down here. Kevin
Excellent job! Looks so professional!! Love, Ann
You are awesome and we love you!
Looks great - would love to see a perfromance with the kids sometime!!
Well done Barron! Way to go! Congratulations! Love, Yoon